16 March 2012, Sachin Ton Ton,Mirpur

During the fourth match in Asia Cup versus Bangladesh, 38 year old Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar create a milestone of his Ton Century in International cricket, during this match India score 289/5(in 50overs) with the master blaster 114( 147 balls), but this historical moment gone to vain by losing the match, Bangladesh scored 293/5 (in 49.2 over).

List of Master Blaster's Century
Ton No Date Score Opponent Test/ODI
1 14-Aug-1990 119 England Test
2 6-Jan-1992 148 Australia Test
3 3-Feb-1992 114 Australia Test
4 28-Nov-1992 111 South Africa Test
5 12-Feb-1993 165 England Test
6 31-Jul-1993 104 Sri Lanka Test
7 19-Jan-1994 142 Sri Lanka Test
8 9-Sep-1994 110 Australia ODI
9 28-Oct-1994 115 New Zealand ODI
10 11-Nov-1994 105 West Indies ODI

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