State Board of Technical Education, has published the results of III semester (ODD) Exams December 2011 for the course of the Diploma, Regular and Compartmental candidates on 11-02-2012. Studnets can check your results through Online at
You can get your results by entering your Register Number.

To Get Your, State Board of Technical Education Diploma Results December 2011 Examination :

Top 10 Students Semester VI Examination 2011 (Even)

Rank Institute Reg No Name of Student Aggregate Marks Branch Result
1 G.P. Patna-7 6118210810 Jay Shankar 1835 Electronics Engineering I/D
2 G.P. Muzaffarpur 6117250810 Praveen Kumar 1800 Mechanical Engineering I/D
3 G.P. Patna-7 6118300803 Santosh Kumar 1800 Chemical Engg. (Ceramics Engg) I/D
4 N.G.P. Patna-13 6121150821 Harsh Gupta 1800 Civil Engineering I/D
5 G.P. Saharsa 6120210806 Sushil Kumar 1799 Electronics Engineering I/D
6 G.P. Saharsa 6120210809 Bijoy Kumar 1795 Electronics Engineering I/D
7 N.G.P. Patna-13 6121150807 Ratnesh Kumar 1793 Civil Engineering I/D
8 G.P. Saharsa 6120200823 Mithlesh Kumar 1793 Electrical Engineering I/D
9 G.P. Muzaffarpur 6117250806 Alok Raj 1792 Mechanical Engineering I/D
10 G.P. Muzaffarpur 6117200810 Srikant Kumar 1791 Electrical Engineering I/D

Top 10 Students Semester IV Examination 2011 (Even)

Rank Institute Reg No Name of Student Aggregate Marks Branch Result
1 G.P. Patna-7 4118300908 Arvind Kumar 628 Chemical Engg. (Ceramics Engineering) I/D
2 G.P. Patna-7 4118340910 Mantu Kumar 627 Mechanical Engg. (Printing Technology) I/D
3 G.P. Patna-7 4118300917 Anamika Priya 624 Chemical Engg. (Ceramics Engineering) I/D
4 G.P. Saharsa 4120250928 Ajit Kumar 623 Mechanical Engineering I/D
5 G.P. Patna-7 4118300904 Niranjan Kumar 620 Chemical Engg. (Ceramics Engineering) I/D
6 N.G.P. Patna-13 4121210911 Akash Kumar 618 Electronics Engineering I/D
7 G.P. Patna-7 4118340916 Amit Raj 616 Mechanical Engg. (Printing Technology) I/D
8 N.G.P. Patna-13 4121210901 Sudish Kumar 616 Electronics Engineering I/D
9 G.P. Saharsa 4120210933 Ravi Shankar Ray 615 Electronics Engineering I/D
10 N.G.P. Patna-13 4121200904 Om Narayan Kumar 615 Electrical Engineering I/D

To see the top of 10 Students from various exams held in Dec, 2011. Visit


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